FWA - 4 Reasons Why You Should Meal Prep

Here are four reasons why you should make Meal Prep a weekly habit:

1. Meal Prep Saves you Money - At first, it may seem like you're spending more, but at the end of the month, you'll notice you spent way less on impulsive last minute meals.

2. Meal Prep Saves you Time - Sure you'll spend more time cooking on prep day but when all your meals are ready to go you'll be happy you prepped!

3. Portion Control - When you're setting up your prep containers you will be able to properly portion out your meals!

4. Keeps You Healthier - Rather than eating that Chinese takeout or even that side of chips, your meals are waiting for you in the fridge.  

Now that you know WHY Meal Prep is so important to Clean Eating, HOW do you get started? Schedule a day and time for us to meet or talk over the phone. 

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