Protein Is Protein, Right?

Published December 2nd, 2020 by FWA Fitness

This is a question that I hear often from clients, friends and even family who are supplementing with a protein powder or are a bit confused when they see I have a couple of different types of protein powders that I use on a daily basis. 

As nutrition coach I love to see protein supplementation becoming more common! 

As I’ve been educating on for the past few months, protein powders are a great way to hit that all-important protein macro. 

All protein sources include amino acids, which are the "building blocks" of the body! Giving our body adequate levels of protein supports the growth of lean muscle tissue, which increases the total amount of calories burned throughout the day. Plus, when we digest enough protein, our body will better burn stored body fat as a fuel source! 

So, whether your goal is to lose body fat, gain lean muscle, or work towards a toned, fit physique, getting enough protein in your diet is crucial! That being said...we know hitting that recommended 1g per pound or target weight can be difficult to achieve through whole foods alone!

While supplementing with a protein powder like level-1 or phormula-1 are great options, it's important to understand the roles of different types of protein and when to best use them! If you are using the wrong protein for the situation, you are limiting yourself from the maximum benefit! 

To keep it simple...let's say you and i are going to go race some cars! When we get to the drag strip, I give you the option to choose between a Ferrari race car and a lifted, off-road jeep wrangler! In a race, you'd choose a Ferrari, right?

Now, let's say we're going to go off-roading and drive through some rocky trails. I give you the same options! You'd choose the wrangler, right?

Technically, the jeep could slowly drive down the drag strip, and the Ferrari could stumble through a rocky trail...but wouldn't you want to pick the best option to win?

Well, you face the same situation when picking between options like a whey protein isolate like phormula-1 or a sustained assimilation protein like level-1!

So, let’s start by figuring out when you will be using it! When it comes to supplementing with a protein powder, they’re typically going to be used in 2 different scenarios.

  • Scenario 1: Using a protein powder for a meal or snack during the day.
  • Scenario 2: Using a protein powder after workouts to help with recovery.’s time to pick the right tool for the job! 

Level-1 is a sustained assimilation whey protein powder, so this is going to mimic the digestion of whole food, leaving you less hungry between meals, and keeping you feeling fuller longer. As a blended protein, this would be a great option for either a meal replacement or snack in between meals.

Phormula-1 is a rapid assimilation whey protein isolate, so this is going to digest very quickly. This would be better used in a post-workout scenario to help with recovery/repairing muscle tissue! In the post-workout setting, speed is king! Your body wants and needs nutrients as quickly as possible to kickstart the recovery/repair process.

So if you need a convenient meal/snack during the day and you can't get to a whole food meal, level-1 is the best option! If you are putting in the work at the gym and need help with recovery, supplementing with phormula-1, paired with a high-glycemic carbohydrate like ignition, is the best option!

Now, you could use level-1 post-workout, and you could use phormula-1 for an afternoon's just not going to give you the maximum benefit for the situation!

As always, one of my goals is to educate you all on how to get the most out of your supplementation! So, if you have any questions, be sure to reach out to me

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